Thursday - 20 - February

ADC 2020 will be held in Melbourne 20 and 21 February 2020.


Monday - 18 - February

ADC 2019 Canberra

ADC 2019 Full Program (pdf)

PLEASE NOTE: ADC 2019 Canberra was held in February 2019. Registrations are no longer being taken for the event.

Transcripts of proceedings are available at ADC 2019 Canberra

2019 Pre conference Tour - Central NSW 7.30am


ADC offers delegates an opportunity to visit farms in the region surrounding Canberra in Central NSW with a chance to tour dairy related businesses and farms enhancing your ADC exposure and networking. In 2019, ADC takes delegates on a revealing tour to Australia’s biggest single-site dairy farm at Moxey with farm tour, discussions and dinner on site. Overnight at Cowra.

Tuesday - 19 - February

2019 Pre Conference Tour (continued) Concludes at 4.30pm

Delegates will head to Colin Thompson (2018 ADC presenter) farm at Cowra where he will share his story on-site navigating dairy herd through drought with the use of free stall barns for young stock. Lunch before heading back to Canberra by 4.30pm.

2019 ADC First Timers session 5.00pm

A welcome session for members of the Young Dairy Network and anyone else attending their first Australian Dairy Conference. The who’s who of dairy introducing you to everything you need to know for your ADC experience. An informal chance to get to know some faces, gain some tips and find out the low down of how things roll at ADC.

2019 ADC Welcome function sponsored by Fonterra 6.30pm - 7.30pm

Delegate meet and greet at the official ADC Welcome Function sponsored by Fonterra at Hotel Realm. A relaxed and social introduction to ADC proceedings before two full days of plenary sessions.

Wednesday - 20 - February

Welcome by 2019 Conference Programming Chair Susan Wearden 8.30am

2019 Session 1 – Bold Leadership 8.35am

Always a cracking first session to get your brain into gear. At the 2018 Australian Dairy Conference, then keynote speaker Lino A. Saputo Jnr. challenged the Australian dairy industry to be bold in its leadership. To understand what this means we have identified outstanding Australians each of whom have embraced the challenge of bold leadership.

2019 Bold leadership 1 - Dr Brendan Nelson, Director Australian War Memorial 8.40am

Dr Brendan Nelson was Minister for Defence when Australian troops were deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, East Timor and the Solomon Islands. This retired medical doctor and politician is now responsible for curating our country’s recollection of war – a history that has seen both bold and failed leadership. Dr Nelson will share that story and what went into making decisions that have the capacity to divide yet build a nation.

2019 Bold leadership 2 - Peter van Onselen, Political commentator 9.15am

Political scientist, commentator and award-winning John Howard biographer Peter van Onselen explores why bold leadership is so rare and difficult. Having either worked with or interviewed an array of former PMs he is well placed to commentate on examples of bold leadership and equally where it’s been lacking. Critically, we ask this independent observer how Australian dairy might learn from and apply lessons of bold or not so bold leadership.

2019 Leadership in dairy - Dr David Nation, Managing Director Dairy Australia 10.00am

Dairy Australia’s new managing director lends his perspective at a time when bold leadership is needed. But what does that look like for him?

2019 Morning tea sponsored by Parmalat 10.30am

2019 Session 2 – Behind the farm gate 11.00am

It’s difficult to quantify where the Australian industry is on antibiotic use and bobby calf management as the data doesn’t exist. We put the spotlight on these critical farm management issues with bold discussion about changing expectations and how to respond.  Hosted by Dairy Australia’s Program Manager of Animal Heath and Fertility, Dr Jo Coombe.

2019 Introducing what we know and don't know about antibiotics - Dr Jo Coombe, Dairy Australia 11.10am

Dr Jo Coombe, Program Manager of Animal Heath and Fertility at Dairy Australia sets the antibiotic scene and why we need to know more.

2019 The NZ experience - Dr John Penry, Anexa FVC, Cognosco, New Zealand 11.20am

The NZ dairy industry now has a solid gauge on its antimicrobial use and susceptibility patterns in its dairy herds.  Understanding this position strengthens their industry’s capacity to introduce and measure strategies to drive a more astute use of antibiotics on-ground.  Dr John Penry now heads up extension and advisory services with Anexa/Cognosco and provides an exploration of the strategy that is positioning the NZ dairy industry well in terms of its future antibiotic use.

2019 An Australian experience - Dr Peter DeGaris with Peter Hanrahan 11.45am

Despite not having a handle on the mastitis management practises of every Australian dairy farmer, there are some who are doing it remarkably well and can demonstrate significant reduction in antibiotic use through astute management. Gippsland vet Dr Peter DeGaris and his client Peter Hanrahan share their story of practise change with the data to back it up.

2019 Panel discussion facilitated by Dr Jo Coombe 12.10pm

Jo Coombe brings the presenters back to tackle the question: What is the bold leadership the Australian dairy industry needs to take in terms of guarding our animal health future?

2019 Beefing up the response to bobby calves - Dr Sarah Bolton, Nuffield Scholar 12.30pm

Nuffield Scholar and veterinarian Dr Sarah Bolton looks at the leadership required to achieve industry-wide responsible management of non-replacement dairy calves. She draws on her Nuffield experiences to examine the issue in the context of industry social license and opportunities for farm output diversification.

2019 Becoming green - Ken Kimber, dairy farmer, Bega, NSW 12.45pm

Bega farmer & ADC founding director Ken Kimber subscribes to the Bega Cheese Environmental Management System – and reflects on his conviction that there is an economic as well as a social imperative to be as good as you can be in animal and environmental management. This philosophy, which includes a new bobby calf management initiative, has stood his business in good stead including these times of drought.

2019 Lunch break - Saputo luncheon 1.05pm

2019 Session 3 – Making gains thanks to the new genome era 2.00pm

2019 Genomics opens a world of gain - Prof Andrew Cromie, Irish Cattle Breeding Foundation 2.00pm

Just a decade after the genomic breakthrough we are ready for an exponential rate of genetic progress. Prof Andrew Cromie looks at what the commercial adoption of genomic technologies will mean and how farmers can through the data overload to optimise progress.

2019 Genetics that takes you places - Victorian dairy farmers Jared Ireland & John Pekin 2.30pm

Two Australian dairy farmers who link productivity gains on farm to decisions they have made based on use of genetic data share their stories.  Northern Victorian dairy farmer Jared Ireland provides his insights into picking a bull team that takes you places at an average $16/straw, while John Pekin from the Western Districts shares his story of recent herd improvement and his business case for genomic testing.

2019 Making the most of what genomics offers - Brad Nobush, USA 3.00pm

We head back overseas to meet a US dairy farmer who excels in the application of genomic technology to optimise farm performance. Brought to ADC courtesy of Zoetis, Brad Nosbush shares his insights of making the most of genomics.

2019 Afternoon tea break sponsored by Jefo Australia 3.30pm

2019 Session 4 – Young Dairy Scientist Award 4.00pm

The Australian Dairy Conference Young Dairy Scientist Award sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim. Finalists in the Young Dairy Scientists Award present their work to convince delegates of their field of research. Led by ADC Scientific Director Richard Rawnsley.

2019 Day One close 5.00pm

2019 ADC Gala Dinner hosted by Rabobank 6.30pm

The Gala Dinner is always a highlight of ADC with a chance for delegates to catch up socially, digest the proceedings of the day and network with fellow farmers. In a long-standing partnership, Rabobank has made the Gala dinner a flagship event bringing commitment and entertainment to those who attend.

Thursday - 21 - February

Australian Dairy Conference AGM - Ben Geard, ADC President 8.00am

Annual General Meeting of the Australian Dairy Conference

2019 Welcome to Day Two 8.30am

Session 5 – An insight into the world of milk processing - Mary Ledman, Rabobank 8.40am

Rabobank Global Dairy strategist Mary Ledman has more than a keen interest in dissecting and understanding how dairy supply chains function in the Northern Hemisphere. We ask her to reach into her kit bag of insights and bring us up to speed on how global dairy supply chains are evolving and what we borrow to help strengthen the Australian industry.

Processing things differently - Australian processor panel 9.00am

The Australia dairy processing sector is under the microscope and emerging from a period of unprecedented change. At the same time, the global dairy landscape is rapidly evolving. To help better understand the long-term implications for the Australian dairy industry, key executives from four dairy companies sit side by side on the stage hosted by Rabobank’s Mick Harvey including Fonterra’s Rene Dedoncker, Bega’s Barry Irvin, Norco’s Greg McNamara and Lino A. Saputo Jnr from Saputo Inc. This panel session explores opportunities for the sector but also dig deeper to understand the risks and implications for the industry. To start, each panellist has five minutes to answer the question “what keeps you up at night.”

Morning tea break sponsored by Bega 10.30am

Session 6 - Diet wars 11.00am

How real is the threat? - Dr Judith Bryans, President IDF & Chief Executive DairyUK 11.00am

International Dairy Federation President Dr Judith Bryans explores the global attacks on dairy as a key part of the human diet – from the rapid rise of alternative milks, calls to cease eating dairy to ‘save the planet’ to megatrends in food and nutrition that influence consumer food choices.  She discusses the global response to this damaging trend.

Is truth the first casualty in the food wars? - Melissa Cameron, Dairy Australia 11.20am

A look at the Australian approach to managing how dairy foods and alternatives are recognised by policy makers and sold to consumers. Why does this agenda matter to you and the industry?

Milk vs Mylk - Dr Anneline Padayachee, The Simple Scientist 11.40am

How alternative are alternative mylks? Dr Padayachee – known otherwise as The Simple Scientist – delivers an independent comparison between dairy milk and alternative mylks focusing on nutrition, health and what is driving consumers towards alternative milks, or rather mylks.

The value of speaking the consumer language - Melissa Clark Reynolds, Beef and Lamb NZ 12.00pm

Beef and Lamb NZ launched Taste Pure Nature red meat brand last year on the back of research identifying these there was untapped demand for naturally raised, grass-fed, hormone-free and antibiotic-free red meat. What can we learn from this campaign to apply to protect Australian dairy?

Farming from our phones - hosted by NSW DPI robotic expert Nico Lyons 12.30pm

After an Australia-wide call to farmers to tell us ‘what is their most valuable farming app’ our committee applies ruthless and independent rigour to come up with the five best dairy farming apps – and we ask the Young Dairy Network to present them in a fun yet highly informative session hosted by NSW DPI robotic technology expert Nico Lyons.

Lunch break - agCap Luncheon 1.05pm

Session 7 – Dairy Elders 2.00pm

Tougher than the rest - Dr Nollaig Heffernan 2.05pm

According to this Irish expert, there is a special Australian quality of resilience that stands out the world over. Come on the road for a probing insight into the traits of resilience and how we can strengthen them even further.

Australia's Dairying Elders - interviewed by Virginia Haussegger 2.40pm

A motivating end to our conference as broadcaster Virginia Haussegger interviews three dairying women. Their strength, endurance and resilience serves as inspiration for the challenges that lie ahead for the dairy industry’s leaders of tomorrow. Virginia will introduce you to the fabulous Marie Farley (87, Kempsey NSW), Jan Raleigh (77) from Timboon in south-west Victoria and Edna Winifred (Winnie) Oslear (74) from Mossvale, NSW.

Conference close 3.30pm

Friday - 22 - February

Post Conference Tour - Bega Valley 10.00am - 4.00pm

As an extension to your ADC Conference experience, self drive to Bega and join fellow delegates at the Bega Cheese Heritage Centre before hearing more from international management consultant Nollaig Heffernan and then a tour to two dairy farms in the Bega Valley (transport provided). Tour start is 10.00am with the tour bus returning to the Heritage Centre at approximately 4.00pm.

See Post Conference tour details.