Young dairy farmers special rate ADC 2020

Young dairy farmers around Australia are encouraged to consider the Australian Dairy Conference as a key forum to enhance and advance their career.

For the first time ADC is offering a ‘Young Farmer’ registration for Australian dairy farmers under the age of 40 for only $440 (early bird farmer registration rate is $770). NOTE: Only 40 individual registrations are available at this rate.

ADC President and Tasmanian dairy farmer Ben Geard said that ADC was aiming to make Australia’s premier dairy event more appealing to the next generation of dairy leaders by making attendance both more affordable and accessible.

“The number of young farmers at ADC has notably increased over the last couple of years and feedback from those attending has been that the event has been really valuable for their knowledge base and opening up new dairy connections,” said Mr Geard.

“ADC is a forum for farmers by farmers hence topics are specifically directed towards knowledge acquisition and advancement yet the greatest value is the people you meet from fellow farmers through to CEOs and global innovators.

“I think many young farmers probably don’t consider ADC a forum for them. However attending can really broaden your horizons and as a result we are opening up opportunities to encourage them to attend,” he said.

“The dairy industry is under quite a bit of pressure at the moment and the more we can bring young farmers into the fold to connect, engage and network with industry leaders the brighter the future will be,” said Mr Geard.

“Our emerging farmers are an enterprising bunch so we think it’s important they form part of the conversation for the industry moving forward particularly at this point in time on the cusp of significant change,” he said.

“My ADC journey started out as a young dairy farmer delegate and I never would have imagined it would take me to where it has today including the leadership opportunities and personal development as part of this journey. I hope others can continue to benefit from the experience,” he concluded.

Only 40 young farmer tickets at $440 (GST inclusive) are available subject to application by individual farmers.

Apply now via ADC Young Farmers application.