ADC 2020 Melbourne – ABC podcasts

ADC 2020 Melbourne welcomed the ABC team on-site to broadcast live from Conference.

The Conversation Hour hosted by Warwick Long and Richelle Hunt catching up with Victorian dairy farmers discussing all things dairy including:

  • Margot & Stephen Henty
  • Hehir family – Terry, Pauline & Brendan Hehir with Kate Chynoweth
  • Stu Griffiths and Adam Larson

Listen to The Conversations Hour podcast from ADC 2020 Melbourne.

ABC Country Hour hosted by Peter Somerville also broadcast live from Conference catching up with some of ADC 2020 Melbourne’s keynote speakers including:

  • Ronni Khan
  • Jude Capper
  • Jeff Odgers
  • John Roche

Catch the full episode ABC Country Hour Thursday 20 February 2020.