ADC prides itself on setting new directions and agendas for the Australian dairy industry. Part of this delivery is sourcing and delivering an inspirational, innovative and entrepreneurial line up for delegates.

As part of the ADC ethos, the Conference aims to bring you global innovators, thought-provokers and key influencers that will challenge the status quo with topics and insights of which delegates may not otherwise have the opportunity to be exposed.

ADC will be back bigger and better in 2023 with program to be announced in November 2022.

In the meantime, catch up on our last annual Conference with highlights below…

ADC 2020 Speaker presentations 

Major program highlights for ADC 2020 Melbourne included:

  • Dairy culture– how changing a culture is possible including how people think and act. Exploring if the global dairy industry has culture on its side to take us into the next decade and whether our own Australian industry needs a culture check.
  • The dairy value chain– a look along the dairy supply chain including whether the competition for a share of the consumer wallet is forcing retailers and food companies to demand more efficiencies down the line. Up close and personal with key players in the dairy supply chain.
  • Would you work for you?– looking at workplace cultures that get things done. The characteristics and what can you do to change habits, reduce conflict and foster more productivity and engagement with your people. And how do you do this under stress – when there is no rain and the financial pressure amps up?
  • War on waste– the current state of global physical waste and how much the dairy industry contributes. What responsibility does the Australian dairy industry have for minimising its contribution and what will it take to change our attitudes towards waste management?
  • Out of adversity – remarkable things can arise out of adversity. We hear from a Lindt siege survivor and three young farmers who have been to the other end of the tunnel, bounced back and have found their why.

ADC 2020 Speaker presentations 

ADC 2020 Melbourne Program.