Dairy Australia
Recognising the value and importance to farmers of Australia’s premier event, Dairy Australia is the Major Supporting Partner of the Australian Dairy Conference providing financial and resource assistance for the coordination and organization of the annual event. As the major national service provider, ADC has become a partnership event to showcase and explore the major issues on the horizon for Australia’s dairy industry.

Rabobank is synonymous with ADC as a major sponsor and host of the signature ADC Gala Dinner, a highlight of the Conference each year as a chance for delegates to catch up socially, digest the proceedings of the day and network with fellow farmers. In a long-standing partnership, Rabobank has made the Gala dinner a flagship event bringing commitment and entertainment to those who attend.

Fonterra – Dairy for Life
As a major processor in Australia and New Zealand, Fonterra have become and integral and valued supporter of ADC using strengthened partnerships and networks to support the annual event and at the same time reinforcing their role in the Australian dairy industry. Fonterra is the regular host of the ADC Welcome Function setting the tone for each ADC.

Lely Australia

Boehringer Ingelheim – Young Dairy Scientist Award
Herd health is a priority for every dairy farmer and Boehringer Ingelheim are at the forefront of animal welfare as a global research-driven pharmaceutical company. With a scientific approach and ethos this makes Boehringer Ingelheim the perfect partner to put the spotlight on the latest dairy research by supporting the Young Dairy Scientist Award.


Saputo Dairy Australia – Lunch sponsor

Delaval – Coffee Sponsor
As a worldwide leader in milking equipment and solutions for dairy farmers enabling sustainable food production, Delaval is extremely well suited to bring you sustenance at ADC as our coffee sponsor with a dedicated barista serving up ‘real’ coffee to delegates within the trade display area. Delaval is synonymous with the Australian dairy industry at the forefront of global dairy innovation.

MaxCare  – Pre Conference Tour
As a leading supplier of animal nutrition and health Max Care has been a regular supporter of ADC on-farm tours providing opportunity for dairy farmers to extend their knowledge and industry best practice. The intimate tour environment offers opportunity for delegates to develop relationships with one of Australia’s leading dairy nutrition specialists.

Daviesway – Pre Conference Tour
Daviesway offers an extensive range of specialist dairy systems and equipment ranging from building and upgrading quality dairies through to the best on farm dairy products. Daivesway and the ADC Conference tours are signature partners with organisation representatives imparting valued knowledge and expertise with delegates as they visit best practice operations.

The Australian Dairyfarmer – Media partner
As a dedicated publication to all things dairy, the Australian Dairyfarmer is a long-standing major media partner of the Australian Dairy Conference. The leading source in the country for dairy specific news you can find your entire ADC news and highlights featured in the valued bi-monthly publication and online news.

Parmalat – Morning tea sponsor

Dairy News Australia

Dairy News Australia, arguably Australia’s most popular dairy publication, is a chatty and informative read delivering expertise, advice and industry news to dairy farmers across our nation. Featuring real life stories, Dairy News Australia brings farmers and key industry stakeholders together the Australian way, by being fair dinkum. Stay in the know via their monthly print publication, website and social media platforms.

Bega – Morning tea sponsor


Jefo Australia – Afternoon tea sponsor