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Since its inception ADC has developed a reputation for being an organisation that is staunchly independent, free from the pressures of any group or sponsor.  It has done this whilst building and maintaining the upmost respect from the same groups. The aim of these reports is to highlight aspects of the dairy industry issue in focus from an independent farmer’s perspective and to provide profile, direction, commentary and prominence at the ADC Conference presentation.

2016 Shepparton Conference

For its 2016 event the Committee chose to commission a body of work and did so in two steps

  •   i.   Final report based upon the feedback from the conference – “Leadership in action – seize the future today”.

Full Report

Condensed Report


ii.    Industry Background discussion paper on the key topic “Leadership in Action”. The 2016 ADC Conference presentation was delivered by Mike Taylor and developed with assistance of a “Brains Trust” (anonymous Agri-business leaders and dairy industry-elders) and facilitator. A condensed version of this paper is available here: Industry Background discussion paper


2012 Warragul Conference

At its 10th anniversary, ADC delivered its first ever commissioned body of work – “Optimising returns from the farm gate”. 

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