Global innovators headline Australia’s premier dairy event

Australia’s premier dairy event is set to live up to the hype with an unparalleled line up of global dairy minds, innovators, industry experts and progressive farmers.

Registrations for the 2018 Australian Dairy Conference (ADC) to be held in Melbourne for the first time opened this week with a focus on exponential change and volatility, how likely it will impact dairy farmers across the country and methods to embrace forthcoming change.

Kaila Colbin from Silicon Valley think-tank Singularity University and curator of TedX Summits in the southern hemisphere will open the Conference shining light on how technology-driven changes are likely to impact the dairy industry into the future.

Headlining day two will be Lino A. Saputo, Jnr., Chairman of the Board and CEO from Saputo Inc., one of the top ten dairy processors in the world. The company’s recent announcement towards greater dairy ownership in Australia is expected to generate much interest in Mr Saputo’s knowledge and insights.
Chair of the Australian Dairy Conference 2018 Programming Committee Scott Fitzgerald said that there was a lot of anticipation regarding the headline acts for next February expecting speakers to challenge, motivate and inspire delegates.

“One of the reasons ADC has been so successful is the ability to attract high profile and motivational speakers that farmers would not normally get the opportunity to hear from or interact with,” he said.
“At ADC farmers get to ask questions, rub shoulders and take away pivotal learnings into not only what is happening in the Australian dairy landscape but global changes that are likely to impact on their business and how they may need to respond into the future.”

“The calibre of speakers we have attracted for Melbourne 2018 is something the current Programming Committee should be quite proud of,” said Mr Fitzgerald.

“The likes of Lino A. Saputo, Jnr. combined with the forward-thinking Kalia Colbin and transformational Anna Speers is quite sensational to shed light on big issues facing our dairy industry,” he commented.
“Add Shane Webcke, Jane Bunn, Founder of Minds at Work Jason Clarke, industry experts and some dairy young guns and there are excellent sessions littered throughout the two day Conference.”
Mr Fitzgerald said that there is also a strong emphasis for Melbourne 2018 to encourage younger farmers to attend to realise the value in networking, gaining knowledge and mixing it with some of the best dairy minds in Australia and beyond.

“A focus this year has been on attracting younger members of Australia’s dairy community to involve themselves with ADC. I attended for the first time only a few short years ago and look where that involvement has led me to today – I never would have imagined the possibilities or people I have met,” he said.

“One session in particular highlights the journey of five young farmers who have each made their way from different backgrounds and beginnings, demonstrating the various pathways available in the Australian dairy industry,” he said.

“In addition, for the first time this year we have an introductory ‘ADC First Timers’ event before the main sessions start helping them with some tips and tricks get the best out of their Conference experience.