2020 Program

Tuesday - 18 - February

Australian Dairy Conference 2020 - Melbourne Dairy cultures... more than just milk

The culture of Australia’s dairy industry took centre stage at ADC 2020 Melbourne including the impact of cultural aspects at a broader level and in relation to on-farm profitability. A 500-strong delegation converged on Melbourne in February for Australia’s premier dairy event.

ADC Speaker presentations

ADC 2020 Melbourne highlights

ADC 2020 Melbourne Program (pdf)

Tuesday - 18 - February

Pre Conference Tour - Western Victoria Tour snapshot

ADC delegates explored the dairy region of Western Victoria before full Conference proceedings commenced on Thursday 20 February 2019.

Departed Pullman Albert Park Melbourne for Victoria’s western dairy region.

Farm visits – Mark Trigg (Bungaree) and Dale Angus/Karen Watkiss (Ondit) before barefoot bowls and dinner at the Colac Bowling Club. Overnight in Colac.

Wednesday - 19 - February

Pre Conference Tour - Western Victoria (continues

Farm visit at Apostle Whey Cheese (Cooriemungle) before a mandatory tourist stop at the Twelve Apostles Port Campbell. Second farm visit at Matthew Whitehead (Timboon) and a factory visit at Maxcare (Laverton North) before returning to Pullman Albert Park in time for ADC Welcome Function.

ADC Young Farmers 5.00-6.00pm

 A fun session targeted primarily at younger delegates who may be nervous at the thought of embarking on this two-day extravaganza. An opportunity to meet the Programming Committee and get the 101 of how to make the most of your conference experience. Highly recommended for first-timers and the younger gen to connect, meet and feel at ease to maximise your time at ADC 2020.

ADC Welcome Function sponsored by Fonterra 6.30pm

As a major processor in Australia and New Zealand, Fonterra have become and integral and valued supporter of ADC using strengthened partnerships and networks to support the annual event and at the same time reinforcing their role in the Australian dairy industry. Fonterra is the regular host of the ADC Welcome Function setting the tone for each ADC.

Thursday - 20 - February

ADC Conference Day One 8.30am - 5.00pm

Dairy cultures… more than just milk.

Session 1 - Dairy cultures 8.30am

How changing a culture is possible - Ronni Kahn AO 8.40am

There are plenty of people who theorise on how to change a culture but CEO and founder of OzHarvest Ronni Kahn has done it. This remarkable ball of energy has taken an idea; changed legislation and turned food waste into a food resource for people who need it. To make this happen has required a whole lot of people to change how they think and act. This is her story.

Fostering sustainable behaviour - Jude Capper 9.25am

Independent livestock sustainability consultant Jude Capper takes us on a remarkable journey to explore if the global dairy industry has “culture on its side” to forge the change that is needed to take us into the decade commencing 2020.

Does the Australian dairy industry need a culture check? Jeff Odgers 10.10am

Do we have the will, the attitude and the resilience to meet and beat the head-winds? Dairy Australia Chairman Jeff Odgers reckons yes, but there are some harsh lessons along the way.

Morning tea sponsored by Lactalis Australia 10.30am

Session 2 - Digging deeper for answers - sponsored by Lely 11.00am

Farmers around the globe are facing increasing pressure: pressure to produce more food for a growing global population, pressure to manage increasing business complexity and still make a profit and pressure to retain their social licence to operate, particularly in relation to the environment. In this session, we look at the five biggest challenges facing dairy farmers and then dig deeper to look for some potential answers.

Five biggest challenges facing dairy farmers - John Roche 11.10am

 As a consultant advising farming groups, universities and NGOs around the world, Dr John Roche is at the forefront of weighing up the challenges facing dairy farmers. In his other role as Chief Science Adviser to NZ’s Ministry for Primary Industries, he also has visibility of many of these challenges through a government policy lens. Farmers all over the world are working hard on how to get the balance right – economic prosperity, environmental sustainability, family time – all while providing the most nutritious food for their neighbours and people the world over. John takes a deep dive into the five biggest challenges we face and looks at what we need to do to shore-up our future as dairy farmers in a rapidly changing world.

The good soil - Frances Hoyle 11.45am

As farmers around the world grapple with the twin demands of increasing production but decreasing inputs, new approaches to soil management are emerging. Associate Professor Frances Hoyle is an Australian soil scientist looking at how soil quality, biology and organic matter management interact. She explains how climate, soil and management impact performance.

Change for good - Will Armitage 12.15pm

Wil Armitage is a big dairy farmer by UK terms. Running 1,200 cows across four farms, this innovative farmer has made quantum change to his business with an eye on the consumer, the environment and the invariable changes that come by way of technology. We’ve asked Wil to give us a snapshot of the most significant changes he’s made in order to find his new sweet spot, with an eye on what the Australian farmer can learn from and apply to our conditions.

Panel - Digging deeper for answers 12.45pm

Panel: We invite our three speakers back to the stage to discuss what they see as the way forward for farmers in overcoming the challenges outlined.

Lunch break - Allflex luncheon 1.05pm

Session 3 - War on waste 2.00pm

What is the current state of global physical waste and how much does the dairy industry contribute? What responsibility does the Australian dairy industry have for minimising its contribution to global physical waste? And, where will a business as usual approach take us?

War on waste - Chris Russell 2.00pm

 An escalating consumer focus on the waste we generate and its global impact has to date spent little time on agricultural waste. But supplying agriculture with its necessary inputs uses vast quantities of waste too. From silage wrap to feed supplements packaging, to pastures that are not optimised, to manure and fertilisers (both natural and chemical) that leach. We ask agricultural scientist Dr Chris Russell to attempt to do what no others have yet done – and quantify our industry’s physical waste.

Are we lean enough - Jana Hocken 2.30pm

We’ve heard about the physical waste on dairy farms – but what else are we wasting? Well, according to Jana Hocken, author of The Lean Dairy Farm, the answer is plenty! She calls it process waste and in this session we take an uncomfortable look at what our non-physical waste is and how this contributes to physical waste.

What will it take to make change in our attitude to waste management? Panel discussion 3.00pm

 We bring together industry leadership (Helen Dornam, Sustainability Manager Dairy Australia), a regulator (Zac Dornam, EPA Gippsland) and a farmer advocate for best practise agricultural waste management (Geoff Nicole, Gippsland) and our Kiwi waste expert (Jana Hocken, The Lean Dairy Farm) to ask.

Australian Dairy Industry's Sustainability Report 2019 3.25pm

Gippsland Dairy Farmer Chris Griffin  launches the Australian Dairy Industry’s 2019 Sustainability report.

Afternoon tea sponsored by Bega 3.30pm

Session 4 - Young Dairy Scientist Award sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim 4.00pm

Co-hosted by ADC scientific director Richard Rawnsley and Dairy Matters ambassador Matt Moran, five young, ambitious dairy scientists are charged with the task of communicating their science to a farmer audience. With each asked to present for six minutes only, they must be concise, articulate and engaging. This presentation is the third and arguably most important component of the competition which also requires the finalists to have submitted an article suitable for printing in the Australian Dairyfarmer magazine; and have a poster on display in the exhibition area.

Day One close 5.00pm

ADC Gala Dinner hosted by Rabobank 6.30pm

 Signature ADC annual event with a charity auction in 2020 led by none other than the ‘man in the hat’ esteemed auctioneer Brian Leslie. Thanks to Tama Australia we have a commissioned ‘cow’ painting by surreal artist Andrew Baines with proceeds of sale directed to Jude Capper’s (keynote) charity Cancer Research UK. A selection of other special auction items will also be on offer with funds going directly to Blaze Aid helping our dairy farming community rebuild from the recent Australian bushfires.

Friday - 21 - February

ADC Conference Day Two 8.30am - 3.00pm

Dairy cultures… more than just milk.

ADC Annual General Meeting 8.00am

The Australian Dairy Conference Annual General Meeting led by ADC President Ben Geard

Session 5 - The dairy food chain 8.30am

Are today's consumers rattling the chain? Julian Mellentin 8.45am

ADC turns to consumer insights specialist Julian Mellentin to better understand the impact consumers are having on the supply chain. Is competition for a share of the consumer wallet forcing retailers and food companies to demand more efficiencies down the line? And if the average consumer is really prepared to pay more for milk, why won’t retailers take advantage of that? We also want to know what happened in the UK when supermarkets started sourcing their dairy product direct from farmers!

Up close and personal with key players in the dairy supply chain 9.25am

Australian dairy is operating in a consumer-led industry. Our domestic market is a sophisticated market and still growing in volume, albeit modestly. One thing is for sure, it will continue to mature.  Reaching the consumer is an integral part of the supply chain. And as Woolworths is one of our primary consumer touchpoints, it makes sense to understand how they think about the future for consumer foods and more specifically the dairy case. Rabobank’s senior dairy analyst Michael Harvey takes us on a journey drawing on the expertise of Julian, together with Woolworths and a UK-based dairy farmer, who due to his direct dealings with supermarkets, also gets that consumer interface.

Morning tea sponsored by Alltech Lienert Australia 10.30am

Session 6 - Would you work for you? 11.00am

Building a workplace culture that gets things done - Mandy Johnson 11.05am

Is your culture an impediment or an accelerator to success? Consultant Mandy Johnson takes us through characteristics and what can you do to change habits, reduce conflict and misconduct, and foster more engagement and productivity in your people. And how do you do this under stress, when there’s no rain and the financial pressure amps up? 

Be-kind - Mike Paros (US vet, consultant & lecturer 11.30am

Dr Mike Paros teaches undergraduate courses in animal welfare science, behaviour and ethics while maintaining an active dairy veterinary practice in the US.  He is also a consultant to Columbia River Dairy and its 35,000 milk cows; where he has been instrumental in developing specific protocols, training, and assessment tools as part of its comprehensive animal welfare program.   Mike offers a unique perspective and innovative strategies on how to create a culture of compassion and stockmanship within the dairy workplace.

Creating culture at Coomboona - Dan Brown 11.55am

When Moxey Farms sent Dan Brown from their Dubbo enterprise to head up the newly acquired Coomboona, he was tasked with many things including the nebulous “turning staff culture around”. Coming from a business known for the opposite was its own culture shock. Find out how Dan approached the new role.

Sexual harassment in the farm workplace: the elephant in the room - Tiffany Davey 12.20pm

A sobering but responsible story of the vulnerability of working on farms when the boss or your workmates have inappropriate plans. Where to go and what to do if this happens to you.

Would you work for you panel discussion

Panel: We invite our speakers back to the stage for the opportunity to question and discuss.

Lunch break - Saputo Dairy Australia luncheon 1.00pm

Session 7 - Finding strength 2.00pm

Out of adversity comes remarkable things - Selina Win Pe 2.10pm

Seline Win Pe, survivor of the Lindt cafe siege talks about that dreadful day and how she emerged with a desire to make a difference to Australian agriculture. It is without doubt a story of overcoming adversity… just like the young farmers whom she met as part of her preparation for ADC 2020.

Young farmers with a story to tell about 'finding their why' - panel discussion 2.30pm

Hosted by Greg Duncan (Dairy NSW), three remarkable young farmers (Aaron Thomas, Rachael McGrath and Rose Pilipzen) share their journey from great adversity to emerging from the other end of at times a seemingly never-ending tunnel. We look at what drove them, and where they found the resilience to make it happen. This is not a story of rags to riches; or of success measured by wealth and the size of the pie. It’s a story of how three young people who love their industry, have found their why.

ADC 2020 Pitch 3.20pm

Glenys Zucco (Dairy Australia), Bud Stammers (inventor Feedbuddy 200) and Carlene Dowie (The Australian Dairyfarmer) review the final six adverts submitted to promote the Australian dairy industry and invite you, the delegate, to vote for ADC’s best dairy advertisement that shows us why dairy matters.

ADC Conference Close 3.00pm

Friday night Happy Hour after Conference close in Pullman Hotel Atrium Bar and Lounge.