The international perspective…

The ability to think beyond our own sphere and industry is critical to future thinking and leadership for the Australian dairy collective.

ADC 2019 Canberra is littered with respected international experts from antibiotic use, genomic technology, global consumer trends and dairy strategy to explore what’s on the horizon, share on-farm learnings and explore what farmers can do to make a difference.

Aiming to bring you the brightest minds on topics that will influence the industry moving forward here is the ADC global lineup for 2019…

Dr Judith Bryans
President IDF & Chief Executive Dairy UK
The International Dairy Federation President will explore the global attacks on dairy as a key part of the human diet from the rapid rise of alternative milks to calls to cease eating dairy to ‘save the planet’ and mega trends in food and nutrition. Dr Bryans will discuss the global responses to these consumer trends.

Mary Ledman
Rabobank Global Dairy strategist

Dairy strategist Mary Ledman has more than a keen interest in dissecting and understanding how dairy supply chains function in the Northern Hemisphere. At ADC she reaches into her kit bag of insights to bring us up to speed on how global supply chains are evolving and what we can borrow to help strengthen the Australian industry. This session will then lead directly into the panel with Australia’s top processing chiefs.

Professor Andrew Cromie 
Irish Cattle Breeding Federation
Just a decade after the genomic breakthrough we are ready for an exponential rate of genetic progress. Technical Director of the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation, Professor Cromie looks at what the commercial adoption of genomic technologies will mean and how farmers can wade through the data overload to optimise progress with his insights from abroad.


Brad Nosbush
Dairyfarmer, Minnesota USA

Making the most of what genomics offers we meet US dairy farmer who excels in the application of genomic technology to optimise farm performance. Brought to ADC courtesy of Zoetis, Brad Nosbush shares his insights and learnings of making the most of genomics in your dairy business. A practical look at genomics in action and on-farm applications.

Melissa Clark Reynolds
Beef and Lamb New Zealand
The value of speaking the consumer language. Beef and Lamb NZ launched the ‘Taste Pure Nature’ red meat brand last year on the back of research identifying an untapped demand for naturally raised, grass-fed, hormone-free and antibiotic-free red meat. Melissa Clark Reynolds shares this case study to outline what we can learn from this campaign to apply to protect Australian dairy.

Dr John Penry
Anexa FVC, Cognosco, NZ

The NZ dairy industry now has a solid gauge on its antimicrobial use and susceptibility patterns in its dairy herds. Understanding this position strengthens their industry’s capacity to introduce and measure strategies to drive a more astute use of antibiotics on-ground. Dr John Penry explores the strategy that is positioning the NZ dairy industry well in terms of future antibiotic use.

Dr Nollaig Heffernan
Management Consultant, Ireland

Tougher than the rest. According to this Irish expert, there is a special Australian quality of resilience that stands out the world over. Come on the road with Dr Heffernan for a probing insight into the traits of resilience and how we can strengthen them even further before we meet three dairy hero women who demonstrate strength, endurance and resilience across decades in the dairy industry.

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