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ADC 2020 Melbourne Program

Registrations are now open for ADC 2020 Melbourne. The cream of the crop of Australia’s dairy industry will head back to Melbourne in February 2020 for Australia’s premier dairy event – the Australian Dairy Conference (ADC).

The culture of the dairy industry will take centre stage in front of an expected 500-strong delegation including the impacts of cultural aspects at a broader level and in relation to on-farm profitability.

ADC 2020 Programming Chair Brendan Hehir said that Australian dairy farmers are revered globally for industry best practice and standards but as we look to the future there is always room for improvement and to set the bar higher.

“Industry and workplace cultures have an enormous impact on the effectiveness of each dairy business and the way in which we operate. So in 2020 we look to explore how developing strong cultures can be the foundation for ongoing success regardless of what level of the industry you are involved in,” said Mr Hehir.

“Successful dairy farming is about more than just producing milk. It’s about how we conduct ourselves as an industry, as employers, as employees, and how we wish others to view our behaviour,” he said.

“The Australian dairy industry has an incredible opportunity moving forward to reinforce and implement strong cultures across the board from processors right through to farms and we envisage that some of the conversations at ADC 2020 will act as a catalyst for change,” Mr Hehir said.

“The ADC 2020 program is quite probing this year, asking a lot of questions of our existing dairy operations and putting the spotlight on a lot of areas that require some serious reflection,” he said.

Major program highlights for ADC 2020 Melbourne include:

  • Dairy culture– how changing a culture is possible including how people think and act. Exploring if the global dairy industry has culture on its side to take us into the next decade and whether our own Australian industry needs a culture check.
  • Five biggest dairy challenges – as farmers around the world face increasing pressure to produce more food for a growing global population and to retain their social licence to operate, we look at the top issues facing dairy farmers and what we need to do to shore up future sustainability.
  • War on waste– the current state of global physical waste and how much the dairy industry contributes. What responsibility does the Australian dairy industry have for minimising its contribution and what will it take to change our attitudes towards waste management?
  • Rattling the dairy value chain– a look along the dairy supply chain including whether the competition for a share of the consumer wallet is forcing retailers and food companies to demand more efficiencies down the line. Up close and personal with key players in the dairy supply chain.
  • Would you work for you?– looking at workplace cultures that get things done. The characteristics and what can you do to change habits, reduce conflict and foster more productivity and engagement with your people. And how do you do this under stress – when there is no rain and the financial pressure amps up?
  • Out of adversity – remarkable things can arise out of adversity. We hear from a Lindt siege survivor and three young farmers who have been to the other end of the tunnel, bounced back and have found their why.

“Our role as the Programming Committee is to ignite debate and discussion and to get dairy industry members thinking about how they can apply concepts back on farm or in their business. One of the sessions ‘Would you work for you?’ I think is certain to be a great starting point for most farmers,” he said.

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