Australian dairy conference


ADC 2024 kicks off in Melbourne today marking the biggest of its kind in the history of the 20-year event.

Starting out in its infancy by a group pf pioneering farmers looking to bring topics of interest to the table, the Australian Dairy Conference (ADC) has grown and evolved into the most respected and revered event for the Australian dairy industry to gather, learn and forge a path for the future.

ADC President and Victorian dairy farmer Tom Acocks said the model and purpose behind ADC made it an event like no other on the national calendar and the popularity of the event has certainly grown and increased over the years.

“ADC is an event for farmers, run and driven by farmers, so this is unique in itself. Based on this model, ADC has an ability to carve its own agenda and importantly, deliver a program and content that is beyond what is normally accessible for many,” said Tom.

“ADC pushes the boundaries, seeks diversity and sources global innovators that we can learn and gain knowledge from to apply to our businesses here in Australia,” he said.

“ADC 2024 boasts eight international keynotes ranging from Ukrainian agriculture heads, pr experts, Irish consultants, Canadian dairy farmers, genetic pioneers and tech wizards that have all contributed in shaping and improving the international dairy sector,” said Tom.

Mr Acocks said a delegation of more than 600 will descend on Melbourne this week growing from attendances of 300 to 400 delegates five years ago signalling the growing value and importance placed on the event.

“ADC really does capture your imagination and make you plan and realise what is possible. By learning off each other and from global experts, the perspective, ambition and drive you take home is really second to none,” he said.

“I think the vibe and inspiration at ADC is something farmers really value and once you have been to ADC once there is no turning back as the event absolutely reels you in,” said Tom.

“Importantly, ADC also offers personal development opportunities to Australian dairy farmers by involving them in the process and giving them the lead and direction every year such as 2024 with Programming Chair Michael Rood ‘Roody’”, said Tom.

“I was a young ‘Roody’ myself once and have now been involved on the Board for almost 10 years. The networking, connections and opportunity presented as part of being involved in ADC has been immeasurable and we will continue to give other younger farmers this same exposure and leadership opportunity which is important for the growth of our industry,” he said.

The Australian Dairy Conference 2024 will be held at the Crown Promenade, Melbourne 12 – 14 February 2024.