Nuffield Scholarship

Australian Dairy Conference is a proud sponsor of Nuffield Australia Dairy Scholarships enabling extension of research and exploration into best practice and innovation for the dairy industry.

2018 Scholarship

Sarah Bolton, New South Wales

Sarah will research how best to rear dairy calves so as to integrate successfully into the beef supply chain. Every year, approximately 350,000 young ‘bobby’ calves leave Australian dairy farms to be sold for meat, skins or other uses. Interest has grown within Australia’s dairy beef industry in opportunities to grow out a larger percentage of bobby calves for beef. Sarah believes this move would help address negative industry perceptions, as well as contribute to diversification of farm outputs.

Sarah is currently undertaking her research tour in New Zealand, United Kingdom, Europe, United States and Canada.

Scholarship profile - Sarah Bolton

2017 Scholarship

Matthew Gunningham, Tasmania

Matthew’s area of focus is to investigate people management and motivation, specifically how to build great teams in agricultural enterprises, many of which are getting larger and more geographically spread. Matthew is particularly interested in how to ensure there is alignment between the goals of a business, and the day-to-day actions of the people who work within them.

Matthew has completed the majority of his touring research to New Zealand, the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland and South America and will present his findings in the coming year.

Scholarship Profile - Matthew Gunningham

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