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14th Australian Dairy Conference - Shepparton, Victoria


The 14th Australian Dairy Conference took place in February 2016 in the dairying region of Shepparton, Victoria.  The theme for this conference was "Creating Step Change - Taking the Australian Dairy Industry to the next level. "  Delegates heard from a mix of local and international industry representatives and farmers.  

The conference opened with a panel of representatives from four of the major milk processors which discussed the future of milk processing and the question of bulk to boutique milk processing.  What a privledge it was to get four of our big players on the stage to hear from them all at once.   Day One also provided an interactive panel session with the title "Leadership in action-  seize the future today" which focused on how industry organisations could be best represented to meet the needs of the future.  This session called for delegate feedback and there was lots of it.  Please see the follow up report on this website located under the previous conferences tab.

Other topics covered at conference were fodder, water and irrigation, farm business management and connecting with dairy consumers.  The Shepparton conference was the first large ADC to also incorporate farm visits into the main program and give delegates the option to get on farm learn more about the feedpad or more about pivot irrigation.

The Australian Dairy Conference would like to thank all the 2016 sponsors who made holding this event possible.  And also to all the delegates that attended for their input and enthusiasm.  We look forward to seeing you all again next February 2017 in Adelaide, South Australia!














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