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ADC welcomes Head of Ukraine Agri Council & President of Association of Milk Producers of Ukraine, Mr Andriy Dykun

The international tilt at ADC 2024 Melbourne has been raised up a notch with the attendance of the Head of
the Ukrainian Agri Council & President of Association of Milk Producers of Ukraine, Mr Andriy Dykun at Australia’s premier dairy event 12-14 February 2024 at the Crown Promenade, Melbourne.

With the theme ‘The Power of Purpose’ at ADC 2024 there is no greater story of resilience and ‘purpose’ than that of Ukrainian farmers with the ability to continue operations and maintain milk supply whilst the country continues to remain under attack from neighbouring Russia.

Mr Dykun heads up the Ukrainian Agri Council which is the biggest association of mid-sized crop farmers in Ukraine with more than 100 member farms operating within war-torn Ukraine.

He is also the President of the Association of Milk Producers of Ukraine that comprises of 150 member farms that produce 40% of raw milk processed in Ukraine and the former Deputy Minister of Agriculture in Ukraine holding the position in 2014-2015 before embarking on his current roles.

Video message from Ukrainian Mr Andriy Dykun

2024 Programming Chair Michael Rood said the Ukrainian influence and representation at ADC 2024 promises to be poignant and powerful. The opening session of Mr Dykun and flood-ravaged Australian farmer Paul Weir is intended to make delegates sit up in their seat as ADC delves straight into the ‘power of our purpose’.

“To have a representative the calibre and standing of Andriy is really exciting to provide the dairy farm operating environment and the broader agricultural landscape in the Ukraine,” he said.

“We have heard from international keynotes on all sorts of topics and innovation at previous events however we feel that Andriy’s attendance at ADC 2024 and shared experiences of Ukrainian farmers will be something special,” said Roody

“Andriy brings a wealth of experience across the agriculture spectrum in the Ukraine and the Australian Dairy Conference is privileged to bring Andriy to Australia to share his story and that of his compatriots,” he said.

“Whilst every Australian dairy farmer has faced their own challenges and had to ‘dig deep’ to identify their purpose, the Ukrainian perspective is expected to add another layer to the already complex and challenging industry,” said Roody.

“As part of his preparation for the Conference, Andriy met on zoom this week with fellow opening speaker Paul Weir, whose own account of his plight against the Lismore floods is another powerful demonstration of resilience against all odds, which together make a remarkable opening. Andriy is totally invested in preparing his story for us to hear,” said Mr Rood.

“We welcome Andriy and look forward to his insights as we pave new connections with farmers abroad and let them know that their plight and endeavours are being recognised across the world,” he said.

As part of Mr Dykun’s visit to Australia he will meet with representatives from some of the leading dairy industry bodies and associations to forge connections and associations.