ADC 2024 Melbourne

Chair: Michael ‘Roody’ Roody

ADC 2024 returned to Melbourne marking the biggest of its kind in the history of the 20-year event. ADC 2024 Melbourne, held at the prestigious Crown, boasted eight international keynotes ranging from Ukrainian agriculture heads, pr experts, Irish consultants, Canadian dairy farmers, genetic pioneers and tech wizards that have all contributed in shaping and improving the international dairy sector. The theme was the ‘Power of Purpose’ as dairy farmers seek to find their ‘why’ amongst a changing global landscape.

ADC 2024 Melbourne Program

ADC 2024 Melbourne Speaker Presentations


2023 ADC Hobart

Chair: Dan Brown

ADC 2023 saw the return of Australia’s premier dairy event back on the calendar as delegates converged on the southernmost state in Hobart, Tasmania. The theme was ‘Cultivate the change’ as the world has significantly changed tact and presented a host of new challenges for everyone including Australian dairy farmers. More than 600 delegates responded eagerly to hear from a range of keynotes covering change, succession planning, climate change and advocacy.

ADC 2023 Hobart Program

ADC 2023 Hobart Presenter videos




ADC 2020 Melbourne

ADC 2020 was held at the Pullman Albert Park Melbourne and recorded a sell out delegation for a program titled ‘Dairy Cultures… more than just milk’. The content focus in 2020 centred around culture, change, sustainable behaviour, waste management and strategies to overcome challenge. Pre Conference tour headed to south western Victoria.

Chair: Brendan Hehir

ADC 2020 Melbourne Program

ADC 2020 Melbourne Presenter videos